Raw Spirulina powder


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This INCAN SPIRULINA originates from a pristine area nestled within the Andes Mountains. At 9200 ft. elevation on the equator it receives the most intense sun energy possible and is fed with glacier water from Cotopaxi Volcano. GY INCAN SPIRULINA is grown in a revolutionary greenhouse system that eliminates environmental contamination and guarantees ample water circulation so you never get putrefied fishy smelling spirulina. Not only does it have an excellent flavour profile because of this, it also has the highest concentration of phycocyanin available in any commercial spirulina.
Spirulina is a complete protein source and an excellent source of iron. It is very high in chlorophyll, and may be an extraordinary blood builder & purifier.I It also contains superoxide dismutase (SOD) which is regarded as one of the most important health-enhancing metabolic enzymes and antioxidants.

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Recommended use

Add to water, smoothies, juices, chocolate creations, etc. Serving Size: Adult: 5-30 g per serving, multiple times per day if desired. ½ this dose for a child. Start with ½ tsp and work your way up to multiple tablespoons per day.