Tulsi (Holy basil)-organic, Cut and sifted




Tulsi or Tulasi is known through out India as a sacred plant and considered the Queen of herbs that is infused with healing power.

Tulsi is an adaptogen and based on Ayurveda, it strengthens and modulates the immune system and reduces allergic histamines. it is traditionally used to treat arthritis, swellings, gum infection, parasitic infection, skin diseases and it can improve digestion.
Tulsi is also, an excellent herb for lifting the heaviness of fevers, coughs and colds.
Tulsi (Holy basil) tea is an aromatic and refreshing that is rich in antioxidants, beneficial in reducing stress and promoting mental clarity and awareness.
Our tulsi tea is a blend of all types tulsi herb (Krishna, Vana, Rama) to create this balanced, calming, yet energizing tea.
Tulsi (Ho;y basil) is naturally caffeine free and you can enjoy it at anytime.
NON GMO. Fair trade

Additional information

Brewing recommendations

Pour freshly boiled water over the herb, cover and steep for 5 to 10 minutes. use 2 teaspoon of tulsi per cup of water.