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I have been purchasing tea from Samadhi Teahouse for years. I have always had the most pleasant experience with them, they are always prompt in their responses and shipping. Their products are fantastic – I cannot go to sleep at night without having my cup of Sleeping Tea, which quickly became a bedtime staple for me. I also really love their Beauty Rooibos tea. I intend to be a long-time customer for many more years to come. Thank you so much for years of nights that would otherwise have been sleepless!

– Stacie A Gin
Vancouver BC

I have been using Samadhi Teas both personally and professionally for a few years now. The blends are a mixture of delicious plants that support the body by modulating the immune system, calming the nerves assisting in sleep, digestion, detoxification and much more. Hamed, the founder of Samadhi Teas, takes pride in blending his teas from the highest quality of organic and wild harvested sources.


I have been a returning customer since 2015 when I first discovered Samadhi teahouse at Kensington Market, Toronto.
They’ve left me a fantastic impression in terms of the warm welcome from the staff, affordable pricing, wide variety of herbs and tea blends
They even went the extra mile to share the knowledge on the benefits and tips of different herbs and how they interact with one another.
This level of quality continued till now even though they moved to online retailing instead.
They have been very responsive with all kinds of questions and the each purchase had been very smooth.
Free shipping is included for the smaller bags and discounts on large bulk orders.
With all that being said, I have been very happy and satisfied with their products and services all these years.
-David Fung


Samadhi’s tea blends have been very beneficial in many ways. I have used Focused and Memory, Beauty Rooibos and Chaga consistently for my daughter and my students. The quality of the blends are shown in its effectiveness. My 6 year old daughter and my students love those teas including Tea for Cold so they are not often sick (chaga prevents sickness). I also use Focus and Memory for my students at school and I have observed a big improvement for students that had extra unstable energy. They are now more calm and focused and know how to use their energy more appropriately. If I had any question, they were answered fast and detailed. I feel like my health has improved greatly since I found out about this tea I highly recommend using Focus and Memory for students and children so they can benefit from its calming elements.

-C Lamarche, school teacher

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